Student Examples, 4th Grade

The Busy Streets of India

Busy streets of India
Full of joy
Food stands with long and short lines,
Elephants, with painted faces
Horses, all dressed up
Cows, weaving in the traffic
Then the honking starts
Honks from all over
Nonstop honking
Close your ears
It’s no help at all,
Incredible India for all


The Gecko

Sticky toungue catching bloodsucking perts
ClIning on the walls waiting
Zoom in a second the mosquitos are gone
OH-NO the gecko is gone
The mosquito are back

–W. C

A Peacock

The pet of God.
A star glimmering in the moonlight.
Sounding like a screech as loud as a young child.
Feathers like clouds as soft as a marshmallow.
Wearing blue, green black and yellow.
That’s a peacock.

–P. G.