Anna Citrino



I received my MA from the Bread Loaf School of English in Vermont, and have published in various literary magazines including, Bellowing Ark, Buffalo Bones, Calyx, Earth’s Daughters, Fine Madness, Flyway, Kalliope, The International Journal of Wilderness, Spillway, and Sojourners, among other journals and anthologies.

A native Californian, I was born in eastern San Diego County, though I have lived in various countries since 1991–Turkey, Kuwait, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, India, and the United Kingdom. Currently, I live amongst the redwoods in California’s Santa Cruz mountains with my husband, Michael Citrino. teacher, artist, and blues harmonica player.

Scuba diving, bicycling, and travel are some of my most favorite activities. I write often about place, listening for the voices that arise from the places where the inner journey greets the outer journey. I love being out of doors under the open, blue sky.

Contact Anna at:

Together with Michael Citrino and also Richard and Catherine Frazier I have done volunteer work in teacher training for teachers at the Tibetan Children’s Village schools in India, as well as teachers in Ladakh, India. You can learn more about this work at this site Partners in Education

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