The ocean regulates and influences climate, produces 70 percent of earth’s oxygen, and approximately 94 percent of the world’s wildlife are found in the ocean. June 8 is World Oceans Day.

I’m inviting you to a poetry reading from my book, Buoyant (Bellowing Ark Press) 5:00 pm Pacific Time June 9 in celebration of the ocean waters and of diving. I’ll be reading together with Jacqueline Hill who will be reading poems on a variety of topics, also a Bellowing Ark Press author. If you’d like to attend, send me a note (contact details are on this page) and I will send you the link.

During the reading, you’ll encounter manta, whale shark, and shoals of fish. The reading will last one hour and will include music and underwater photos. I hope you can join.

I donate half the cost of the book to the 5 Gyres organization for anyone who purchases Buoyant directly from me. The 5 Gyres organization works to reduce plastics in the ocean by advocating for better regulation of plastic use and disposal, as well as conducting research to find viable solutions for reducing the plastic entering the oceans. If you would like to purchase, Buoyant, send me a private message and I can send you the book. (See contact information on this page.)

Even Dolphins Like the Blues

The water was cold—enough to make one’s head ache, 
but we were told dolphins there liked singing, 

so, we swam inside the icy water singing with mouths closed,
humming tunes loudly as we could, hoping for a visitation.

Then they came, dolphins whirling around us in circles
as if on a rotating carousel, their bodies dipping 

and bobbing, squeaking along with the tune.
We spun and twirled with them, dancing together

as we could, dizzy with delight, until the chilly water
motivated us to climb back aboard the boat.

When a dolphin neared the ship, a friend called out
“Get your harmonica!” and you played a few riffs 

from the blues. A dolphin wheeled from the water,
tossed his body into a pinwheel, spinning flips

as long as the music continued. What do we know
of the world around us, how life waits for us 

to offer it our attention, rising to greet us from
hidden wild places? What might our world become,

what joy embodied if we more often
offered the music rising from our soul?

What others have said about Buoyant:

In Anna Citrino’s lyrical new poetry collection Buoyant, she guides us through a magical, alluring, ever-changing world of the sea and its denizens, many of whom she encounters on scuba dives at close range and with heart-stopping clarity and vision. The poems are sensual and full of wonder, “… break(ing) us open with surprise, with awe—/enough to allow us to grow humble, vulnerable/ enough that we could rise from the water/ wanting to learn how to live.”  –Gail Entrekin, Editor, Canary (canarylitmag.org)

With vivid, precise and loving description, we are introduced to creatures we may or may not know, or perhaps will see now in a different light. – Magdalena Montagne, poet, author of Earth My Witness

In Buoyant, It is not only the eyes Anna appeals to but through the ear she brings the sounds of the sea. —Tom Postlewaite, Montessori educator and sailor

I recommend this book unreservedly to anyone who enjoys fine poetry or has interest in the rich life of the sea. —Michael L. Newell, author of Diddley-Bop-She-BopMaking My Peace, and Meditation of an Old Man Standing on a Bridge.  

Her scientific observations become mesmerizing meditations as she blends beginner’s mind with a mystic’s appetite for wonder. –Mary Quillin, poet

Anna Citrino carries the reader fluidly and vividly through coral gardens brilliant with living color. Her words take you on vibrant journeys. A poet diver who has plied ocean shoals slowly, with purpose to observe glorious biodiversity. –Dr. Martha Began Crawford, science educator and dive enthusiast 

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