Letter A
Letter A

I am interested in the way that one art form inspires, adds to or helps interpret another. Often I write in my journal while listening to live performances of music, traveling on the stream the notes carry me down. Writing what the music evokes is a way to move more deeply inside the music. This is a space for exploring the way poetry overlaps, expands on or interweaves with music, art, and photography.


Willow, pen & ink, Feb. 2022
Frankincense tree, pen and ink, Feb., 2022
Cedar of Lebanon, pen and ink, January 2021
Olive tree, pen and ink, January, 2021

Bristlecone Pine, pen and ink, December 2020
Backyard Redwoods
Aspen, pen and ink, September, 2020, Anna Citrino
Jacaranda tree, pen and ink, August, 2020, Anna Citrino
Fraser Firs, Pen and Ink, May 2020, Anna Citrino
Sequoia, pen and ink, May 2020, Anna Citrino
Flame tree, pen and ink, April, 2020, Anna Citrino
Cherry tree, pen and ink, April 2020, Anna Citrino
Lynda’s Red Oaks, Pen and Ink, March, 2020, Anna Citrino
Bhodi Tree
The Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, India, pen & ink, December 2019, Anna Citrino
Douglas Fir, pen & ink, December, 2019, Anna Citrino
Jean’s Willow, pen & ink, 2018 Anna Citrino
Through the Birch Wood Forest, pen & ink, 2018 Anna Citrino
Sicilian Olive, pen & ink 9/2018, Anna Citrino
tree in California landscape, pen & ink, Dec. 2017, Anna Citrino
20171220_230859-1-1 (1)
sapling rising from mother tree, Big Basin, CA, pen & ink, 2017, Anna Citrino
20171220_230803-1 (1)
Orange tree, pen & ink, 2017, Anna Citrino
20171005_100100-1-1-1 (3)
Banyan tree, Monreale, Sicily, pen & ink, 2017, Anna Citrino
20170726_165519-1 (1)
Willow, pen & ink, July, 2017, Anna Citrino
20170726_165503-1-1 (1)
Aspen, pen & ink, 2017, Anna Citrino
20170714_174635-1-1 (1)
Red oak, pen & ink, 2017, Anna Citrino
20170727_125936-1-1 (1)
Pine, pen & ink: 2017, Anna Citrino
20170713_214846-1 (1)
Birch: pen & ink, 2017, Anna Citrino
20170712_221159-1 (1)
Cherry, pen & ink, July, 2017, Anna Citrino
20170917_220940-1 (1)
Olive, Agrigento, Sicily, pen & ink, Sept., 2017, Anna Citrino
20170724_155406-1 (3)
Giant sequoia, CA pen & ink, 2017. Anna Citrino
20170721_160936-1 (2)
Jacaranda, pen & ink, 2017, Anna Citrino
20170915_154857-1 (4)
Redwoods, pen & ink, Sept., 2017 Anna Citrino
20170721_114933-1 (3)
Flame tree, pen & ink, 2017, Anna Citrino

Other Drawings:

Our Lady of Sorrows, pen and ink, March, 2018
Grape vine, pen & ink, Feb. 2022, Anna Citrino

My experiments with painting on pottery:

In New Delhi, India, Michael Citrino’s art students became living sculptures for an evening.

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