Crafting Poems

Poetry is the ability to make us see an ordinary object as though we had never seen it before.~Edwin Arlington Robinson

Poem Invitations to Write

  1. Poems of Addressimage
  2. Ancestor poems
  3. Art Inspired poem
  4. Blues Poem
  5. Bottom of the Heart poem
  6. Color poem
  7. Contrast & Opposites poem
  8. Dialogue poem
  9. Poem about Family
  10. Ode to Food, and food poems art visual presentation
  11. Imagery poem focusing on mood
  12. Jazz themed poem
  13. Landform or Body of Water poem
  14. List poem
  15. Memory poem
  16. Metaphor poem
  17. Monologue poem
  18. Narrative poem
  19. Object poem
  20. Opposites poem
  21. Persona & Personified Object poem
  22. Personification poem, “Five things about the lake,” “Mirror”
  23. Personification poem, “Meeting Midnight” and personified object
  24. Place poem
  25. Re-visioned fairy tale poem
  26. Rhetorical question poem
  27. Sectioned poem, silent, loud, eternal,
    1. Seeing the same thing in different ways: Monet’s paintings
    2. Using Stanzas and Sections
  28. Simile poem
  29. Poem focusing on sound
  30.  Sports or Activity poem
  31.  Things I Left Behind poem
  32. The Tree in My Mind poem
  33. Time of Day poem
  34. Poem With  Repetition
  35. Weather poem

Group Poem/ Creating a poem together



Developing Ideas