Looking For...

2nd response to observations of things rain does

Reasons for Rain

Colliding beads. The soaring chunks and crawling legs

of rain. How the water jumps from the rooftop in a

cataract gallop, creeps in under the balcony door. How it

scuttles along the stone, leaps across the sky in thrums

and waves of thunderous hooves from herds of running beasts.

Winds blow across the plains of oceans where mountains

we do not see block the clouds and the rain falls. Monsoon, and

this is the way the world becomes: Drizzling darkness day after

day, rain rolling down. Mold covers cloth, grows inside

the grain of doors. Drop by drop, water rises. Roads turn to river.

Steadily, the rain clatters on plates of leaves, and I wonder, as I

lie between damp sheets in my bed, how did Noah feel, the beams

of his boat filled with must as he watched thunder clouds push against

the mountain of sky, drop by drop the roofs, the roads, the world he knew

covered over, dissolved, even though he understood the cause?

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