Details of Light–Day #3 of Purposeful Noticing

photo 2-6

Today my walk involved walking through Nehru Park to a grocery store in Yashwant place.  The late afternoon light cast lovely shadows on the tree trunks.  I love the twisted turns and organic lines of the trunks and the character they hold. No straight lines here, and that is a refreshing thing to behold. I love the freedom in twisting, turning forms. It’s as if the trees are dancing while holding still, rooted to the ground.

photo-36This is so different than the palms I passed on the way home who were all about straight lines and angles–as you can see below. It makes me think of the variety of personalities we have in the world, some of us are curved and turning lines, others of us straight angles. The diversity makes us richer.

I am including these observations so that those of you trying to do this or not sure where to go with your observations can see a couple of examples. The items you notice don’t have to be significant, just something you looked for, then gave particular attention to for a time.

The idea is to notice just one thing, but if you want to notice more, that’s fine. I am including these as examples. I’ll include one last one here so you can see a different type of observation possibility, the interesting things in the world around you, such as might be found at a grocery store. What I love about the grocery stores here in Delhi, and throughout India is how much can be fit into a small space, and how much color there is on the shelves. I wonder what other people are noticing today where you live.

photo 1-7


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