Three New Poems

In January, I created writing goals for each month, spurred on by an online conversation with Lisa O’Hara, long time friend from graduate school at the Bread Loaf School of English in Vermont. One of those monthly goals was to send out some poems for publication. The first result of that effort is that three poems were accepted by phren-Z the on-line journal from my hometown, Santa Cruz, CA. I’m very happy to be published in a journal in a town that has  so many fine writers. In the same issue, my friend, mystery writer, Vinnie Hansen has an essay appearing in the issue exploring the lines between fiction and nonfiction. Check it out here!

The spring issue launches May 15, and I have three new poems appearing there. “She Sings” is for Skye Sanford, one of the singers in the Delhi band, the Paisleys, that my husband, Michael plays harmonica with. The other two poems are about working in the garden and on our property in the Soquel hills above Santa Cruz.