Crafting Part 3

“Poetry is a concentration, and a new thing resulting from that concentration, of a great number of experiences ‘a concentration which does not happen consciously’ Poetry is not the assertion that something is true, but the making of that truth more fully real to us.”~T. S. Elliot


The world is alive: murmuration of birds video

Poems to read aloud/ video of a poem being read: “The Listener.” Notice the voice in the words and imagine the scene.

Art’s connection to writing: lines and emotions. Draw lines on page for an emotion word. Examples.

View art: art piece #1 Constable,  #2  Turner, Hannibal Crossing the Alps notice the lines, textures, and colors.

Using grammar as a way to develop detail. 5 brush strokes 

 Target Your Focus on Distinctive Elements a graphic organizer.

Poem Writing Choices:

Add in found words from last night’s homework.

Mini- lessons:

Revision work time:

Homework: Choose one: Close observation of an object using cubing practice, color card exploration, sensory exercise