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Lifting Our Heads

“Nature is the art of God,” wrote Dante, whose tomb is in Ravenna, and to enter the Basilica Sant’Apolinarre Nuovo in Ravenna, Italy, built by Theodoric (493-526) is to stand inside a garden and behold some of the world’s oldest and … Continue reading

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Worlds Inside of Words

“Quite a few years of life have strengthened my conviction that each and everyone’s existence is deeply tied to that of others: life is not time merely passing by, life is about interactions.” ~Pope Francis I’ve been working on writing … Continue reading

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Living In the Borderlands, Nicholas Samaras’s Poetry, Hands of the Saddlemaker

Most days we move through a world of familiar routines, often with unsurprising outcomes. The past few days I spent time with friends who own a house in Peschio, a tiny village situated above Alvito, Italy, a small community located … Continue reading

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A Study in Yellow With Lemons and Citron

PRIMAVERA AMARILLO Juan Ramon Jimenez  Abril venia, lleno todo de flores amarillas amarillo el arroyo amarillo el vallado, la colina, el sementario de los ninos el huerto aquel donde el amor vivia. El sol unjia de amarillo el mundo, con sus luces … Continue reading

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Beauty and Reasons to Travel

A trip this week to Hikkaduwa beach in Sri Lanka got me wondering about how places we travel to change us. Some trips I’ve gone on I thought I would return from changed, that my eyes would be opened to … Continue reading

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The Ancient Olive–My Newest Attempt at Drawing

I love the character of this particular tree that I have drawn. It is inspired from a photo (p. 150) in Giorgio Locatelli’s cookbook about Sicilian cooking, Made in Sicily. The ancient olive trees in Sicily, Locatelli says, are called Saracens. … Continue reading

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Treasuring the Tangible

For over a  year now, I’ve been working on a poetry manuscript, Finding Home, about Italian immigrants from Calabria in southern Italy to San Francisco early in the last century. The research I’ve done while writing the poems has opened … Continue reading

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Things of Consequence

“As long as you don’t lose your mind, all outer strife is inconsequential.”  Teresa of Avila One advantage of having a broken wrist and bronchitis at the same time is that since you know you can’t do much, you can … Continue reading

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Slow Living

For some time now I’ve been thinking about how to live more slowly.  Three days ago we arrived in Cilento National Park, a few hours south of Naples, Italy, and we were eating dinner when Michael noticed how fast I was … Continue reading

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